Camron Cade

Artisan web development, mostly using Laravel.

Blade shortcut for echoing variables that may not be set

Laravel is one of those frameworks that has hidden tricks that are a delight to stumble across. This is one of them. In your blade templates, you've probably done something like this: {{ $day->common_sense }} This is all fine and dandy, but what if the day doesn't exist? What if the day doesn't...

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Things to note when using Dompdf

While using Dompdf for a project I came across two small things that are worth noting. Dompdf is a PHP package that converts html/css markup into a PDF. It's not super stable and can be gimmicky at times, but it works. 1. Image widths After struggling to get Dompdf to respond to CSS,...

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The list() function [PHP]

The list() function was one of those functions that I didn't learn about in any PHP course, but has stumbled across while looking at others code. It's not really a function, but is a language construct but can be very handy. Basically, it unpacks arrays and assigns the keys individual variables. Here's an example...

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Understanding Class Aggregation and Composition

If you spend anytime reading up on design patterns (I recommend this book), you'll come across terms like class association, aggregation, and composition. I recently stumbled into these and realized I didn't quite understand what they meant, nor what they might look like in the real world. Below is my understanding of the terms...

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DB instance without using facades in Laravel's Lumen

The point of Lumen is that it is light and fast, and so by default helpful tools like Eloquent and Facades are disabled. I like to try and keep it light when I am using Lumen, so I opt to not turn them on. If you, like me, are used to using the facade...

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.active classes in menus with Blade templates

In many of my projects, I have a layout blade file that each page extends. As part of the layout, there is a menu bar that has has a different style for a link if you are currently on that page. If you are using bootstrap or foundation, if you apply the css class...

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