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Disabling CSRF for Specific Routes - Laravel 5

Update: If you are working on Laravel 5.1, there is support for this right out of the box: See this post for more information I've been working with Laravel 5 lately, and it's great. But with a new version comes new defaults. CSRF protection for instance, is now always active with the implementation...

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Dealing with Image Uploads - Laravel 4

Often, you want to allow users of your web application to upload photos. Whether they are avatars, cover photos, background photos, there is not guarantee they will be in the dimensions you need. Plus, you have to deal with storing them on your server, saving the storage address, dimensions and other attributes of the...

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Managing Timezones with Laravel 5

Worrying about and working with timezones is always an absolute nightmare. With Laravel, it's not awesome, but it's a tad less painful. The timezone select form, and the helper conversion functions used in this post are avaliable in a Packagist package. To include it in your project, follow the installation instructions on the github...

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